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Darron Shields
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June 17, 2024


bulletLifetime course updates
bulletActive members community.
bulletTeachings with live case studies


Some modules need updates.
Can be expensive for beginners


bulletOne time $599
bullet$132 per month for 6 months
Limited Time Offer

Want to build an authority website from scratch but don’t know where to learn the best way to do it? The Authority Hacker’s The Authority Site System (TASS 3.0) course is the right option for you.

But you can’t buy a $1499 course without doing some due diligence; that’s why I did it for you, and I have a practical example of what I learned through this website. 

I followed all the lessons diligently and created my website from scratch, and now it is making four figures every month.

To help you decide if this course is right for you, I have shared my personal experience with it and the details of all its modules.

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

The Authority Site System TASS 3.0 — In a Nutshell

The Authority Site System course can be a game-changer and the difference between the success and failure of your authority site. 

Here’s everything we found about it in our analysis and review:

Current Version And NameThe Authority Site System 3.0
📑 Number of modules15
🎞️ Number of video lessons196+
⚙️ Training methodOver-The-Shoulder with in-depth videos
👉 Meant forBeginners who have not built an authority site
🤩 Other offeringsTemplates, Facebook community, site building checklist
🔄 AlternativesAffiliate Lab, Savage Affiliates, Super Affiliate System, Passive Income Geek
💵 Price$599
📆 Monthly InstallmentsYes, $132 per month for 6 months
💸 Refund policyOffers a 30-day moneyback guarantee

Why Should You Trust My Review?

As I mentioned, my website is a practical example of my implementation of the Authority Hacker TASS 3.0 course. 

I started this website from scratch a few years ago and have been fortunate enough to have been able to build a well-performing website. Hence, you can trust my review without a hitch and be assured of getting the most honest and practical feedback about the course.

Who Is Behind Authority Site System aka Authority Hacker Course? 

For more than a decade, Authority Hacker founders Mark Webster and Gael Breton have worked on building successful authority sites. 

They launched two courses in 2015 and 2016 to help others who want to build an authority site. One was The Authority Site System, and the other was the Authority Hacker Pro. 

The Authority Site System Review - Overview

How exactly are both the courses different? Do they offer similar content? 

Let’s first have an overview and look at the ways that make TASS 3.0 different from Authority Hacker Pro. 

What Is The Authority Site System (TASS)?

The Authority Site System, also known as the TASS 3.0, is a course by Authority Hacker that covers all the basic and essential topics you should know to build a profitable authority site. 

Authority Site System - Courses For

The latest version of this course is Authority Site System 3.0. This course is designed for beginners and intermediate site builders, including over  200 videos divided into 15 modules. 

Authority Site System 3.0

TASS 3.0 also provides a learner with a to-do list for authority site-building and loads of pre-designed templates that can be a great help in content creation and marketing. 

Authority Hacker TASS 3.0 vs Authority Hacker Pro?

A major difference is that the Authority Site System is part of the Authority Hacker Pro’s inclusions. 

Here’s how the difference can be summarized:

CriteriaThe Authority Site System (TASS)Authority Hacker Pro
Meant forBeginners and intermediate usersAdvanced users who already have an authority site
Number of modules1520 (blueprints)
Number of video lessons196+400+
Other offeringsTemplates, member community, site building to-do listTemplates, advanced member community, SOPs, custom tools and plugins

Having said that, now let’s dive into the further review of TASS. 

Modules Included In Authority Hacker Course

The Authority Site System consists of 15 modules that can help you get a clear insight into what it takes to build an authority site starting from keyword research to analytics and tracking. 

Here’s a brief overview of all the modules it includes: 

Modules Included In This Course 

Module 1 – Internet Marketing 101

This module includes six lessons that explain how authority sites work and attract traffic. It also covers a chapter explaining the basics of affiliate marketing and SEO for beginners. 

Overall, this module a stepping stone of your much awaited affiliate marketing journey.

 Internet Marketing 101

Module 2 –  Brainstorming Niches

This second module from the TASS 3.0 helps you identify the right niche for your blog, educates on website and content marketplaces and details about expired domains. 

Brainstorming Niches

It uses some great examples and case studies to make you understand the reasoning behind every factor that you should consider while brainstorming the niches for your authority site. 

Module 3 – Qualifying Niches

Brainstorming is one thing, and picking one of the options from your brainstormed ideas is another one.

Qualifying Niches

This third module provides in-depth knowledge on how to choose the correct niche for your authority site to ensure maximum traffic and income. 

Plus, you can also learn how to find link opportunities, niche credibility, assess CPC, find info products, and multiple rounds of niche shortlisting niches

Module 4 – Planning Your Site

Once you have selected your niche, you should plan the content, design, and other parts of your site. 

Planning Your Site

It glances over expanding – competitor list, expanding monetization, research, commercial keywords, skyscraper content, researching ad content, and building sitemaps.  

Module 5 –  Setting Up Your Site

After planning your website, the next step is to set it up. This 15-lesson module explains how to do that in complete detail, from choosing the domain name to setting up the website and email addresses. 

Setting Up Your Site

Additionally, this module teaches how to get started with basic WordPress settings, installing a theme, using a website builder tool, Google search console setup, and other advanced methods of planning a site. 

Module 6 — Branding Of Your Site 

This is a short module having only 8 lessons. It covers choosing a color scheme and fonts for your brand to create a brand identity for your authority site. 

Branding Of Your Site 

It also covers how to get your site a logo using popular free tools such as Canva and Favicon so your site leaves a professional impression on others. 

Module 7 —  Setting Up Posts and Pages 

After setting up your site with a proper brand identity and everything else in place, before the next step that is to start creating the content. 

Setting Up Posts and Pages

This module long 18-lesson module helps familiarize you with the WordPress and Elementor interfaces so you can create your pages and posts for various elements of your authority website.

Module 8 – Preparing The Info Content

Informative, and evergreen content helps you generate pages of content that can be useful for your audience even after many years. As a result, they can keep attracting traffic to your site for a long time. 

 Preparing The Info Content

This module covers how to create such content in an SEO-optimized manner through 10 highly informative lessons via a series of how-to guides that Mark shows.

As a beginner, I liked this hands-on approach, which leaves you knowing nothing about almost everything about creating informational content. 

Module 9 – Writing Content 

This module guides you on how to write content that’s useful for your audience. It explains how you can conduct research on your content topics, build an outline, and create high-quality posts that will consequently pull people to your site. 

Writing Content 

A good piece of content has the ability to give soul to a website and forms the backbone of an authority website. Mark explains this in extreme detail and is part of the training that we give to our writers in our team. 

Module 10 – Uploading and Optimizing Content 

The tenth module focuses entirely on optimizing your content for Google and other search engines. It explains meta titles, social titles, H1-H2 tags, image Alt tags, and everything else concerned with the SEO of your content in detail. 

Uploading and Optimizing Content 

How does it go beyond basics? With the introduction to newer lessons on internal linking, link building, publishing, indexing your site etc.

Module 11 – Initial Link Building

This module is the most extensive one, including 25 lessons that start from the basics of link building and methods related to it. Few courses are known to cover this important aspect in as much detail as TASS. 

Initial Link Building

Once you’ve completed it, you’ll be armed with all the information and knowledge that you may ever need to build your backlinks no matter what kind of site you’re building.

Though a little lengthy, I am sure the benefits that mastering these 25 lesons would give you would be definitely worth the time you spend on it.  

Module 12 — Affiliate Monetization Setup

After building backlinks and attracting traffic, the next step for any site is obviously to start making money (i.e., monetization).

Affiliate Monetization Setup

This module covers how affiliate programs work, and provides an overview of Amazon, affiliate rules, disclosures, and payouts. 

Remember to pay extra attention in this step as this is the primary reason for you to take this course i.e to make money. 

Module 13 — Commercial Content 

This refreshed list of 15 lessons guides you on how to research and structure commercial content. It gives full information on the right approach to creating commercial content, such as product comparisons, reviews, and much more. 

Commercial Content 

Commercial content can allow you to integrate affiliate links deeper into your content, so it makes an important part of your monetization strategy.

Module 14 –Advanced Tactics

This module gives you an idea of some additional, advanced methods that you can use to fine-tune your site and boost the revenue it generates. 

Advanced Tactics

Graduating further from the basics of affiliate marketing, the advanced tactics focuses on generating AI content, creating a child theme, optimizing your content, outsourcing content creation, and many other tasks to speed up thr growth of your authority site.  

Module 15 –Becoming An Authority  

Being the last module, module 15 summarizes everything covered in the course and helps you revise everything you learned in the preceding modules. 

Becoming An Authority  

And with this, the course comes to an end, with you being absolutely ready to get started with your authority site. 

My understanding is that all the modules cover their topics in detail, and collectively, they provide the kind of 360-degree information that someone setting up an authority site for the first time may need. 

The above picture of the 15 modules of the Authority Hacker Site System course will help you understand the inclusions of this course and why they are priced at a premium. 

The Authority Site System Pricing And Refund

Coming towards the pricing of the TASS 3.0, it varies as per the payment period that you choose between a half-yearly installment and a one-time payment option.  You can know more about Authority Site System pricing here.

6 months$132 per month

Note: During special offer periods, this price can drastically go down as the above price and only lasts for a limited time.

Does Authority Site System offer A refund?

The Authority Hacker team offers a ‘no-questions-asked’ 30-day money-back guarantee on the course. Email “” within 30 days of purchase and get a full refund for your subscription price. 

The Authority Hacker Course Pros And Cons

Before signing up for this course, you must be aware of both sides of the coin for the TASS 3.0. Let’s go through them! 

Pros Cons 
High-quality training material and videosExpensive for most beginners
Focuses on actionable steps and informationExtends the website launch periods through extensive content planning 
Provides free content templates and spreadsheets for beginnersNot suitable for advanced affiliate marketers 
Helpful community as a Facebook group No certifications offered
Easy to navigate
Over-the-shoulder training

Who Can Benefit From The Authority Site System?

TASS 3.0 is and should be the ideal choice for beginners and intermediate site builders who have just started affiliate marketing and authority site-building. 

A general rule of thumb to understand if the TASS 3.0 is the right fit for you is if your website generates $1000 and you want to increase your revenue further. 

Regardless of that, if you are someone like me who is starting from scratch and wants to learn the most potent way of building your dream website, The Authority Site System won’t disappoint. 

What Differentiates The Authority Site System From Other Courses?

A majority of things differentiate TASS from other courses related to affiliate marketing and authority site-building. Here are a few of them:

  • Over-the-shoulder approach: By building and growing a site before your eyes, the course provides real-world practical experience instead of just theoretical knowledge.
  • Community: The Facebook community that Mark and Gael have developed for course members allows you to expand your learning from the experiences of others.
  • Years of refinement: The Authority Site System is currently in version 3.0, which means it has been optimized and refined on the basis of customer feedback over the course of many years. 
  • In-depth information: Unlike many other courses available in the market, TASS covers the topic from start to end in complete detail with its in-depth and informative videos with hands-on real-world examples. 

But, if you are still not impressed with the value that Authority Hacker offers from this course, you can consider its alternatives, which may assist you in learning otherwise.

4 Alternatives To The Authority Site System TASS 3.0

Over the years of building and growing websites, I have come across a multitude of courses that come close to TASS 3.0’s offerings.

Here are the four best TASS 3.0 alternatives.

#1. Affiliate Lab

This course by Matt Diggity is an in-depth training program that teaches people the correct usage of affiliate marketing to create profitable affiliate websites.

Affiliate Lab

Matt Diggity is a top SEO expert who has been in this field for the past 14 years and shares his experience of website building. 

The Affiliate Lab Price: 2 installments of $597 each or a single installment of $997.

#2. Savage Affiliates 

Savage Affiliates is an online affiliate marketing course by Franklin Hatchett.

Savage Affiliates 

This is a 10-module course that will teach you the basics as well as the advanced things that you need to know to succeed as an affiliate marketer.  

Savage Affiliates course Price: $197 for the standard user and $297 for the super user. 

#3. Blog Growth Engine

Adam Enfory, who’s a prominent YouTuber, teaches how to make $10k every month by implementing key techniques that have worked out to be rewarding for him and his students. 

Blog Growth Engine

Blog Growth Engine Price: $997 with a 14-day money-back guarantee.

#4. Passive Income Geek

Lastly, Passive Income Geek was started by Morton Storgaard, and it’s an online course that uses videos, texts, and tools to help you create an affiliate site and earn from it.

Passive Income Geek

The course is broken down into 9 modules, which are further broken down into detailed sub-parts called “mini-courses.” 

Passive Income Geek Price: $399 with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Bottomline: Authority Site System Worths The Investment

If you want a reliable, trusted, and affordable course to do affiliate marketing right, the short answer from a real student of the course would be – yes. 

I am aware that there is a wide range of affiliate marketing courses available in the market, but after extensively studying this course and others, the TASS 3.0 clearly outshines. 

The course maintains to provide real-world case studies that the tutors practically show the implementation of. Moreover, the video lessons are detailed and engaging, and they are updated as and when newer methods are realized.

The course can be costly for some, but if you measure the benefits that a successful website can reap you, a few dollars extra spent now are worth it. If you are curious about learning affiliate marketing the right way, choose the TASS 3.0!

FAQs On Authority Site System 3.0

Is there any additional cost after we sign up for the course? 

Yes, there are additional costs for some of the tools related to site building after you have signed up for this course. The cost ranges between $200 to $500. 

Does The Authority Site System provide customer support?

Being one of the most reliable courses, it has robust customer support. It provides you with support based on the type of issue you are facing, by just contacting

Is an authority site legit?

Of course, it is. In fact, an authority site is one of the most respected and well-established sites in any niche, so you can pat yourself on the back once you have built one. 

Do authority sites make money?

Authority sites make a lot of money if built carefully. Since people trust what’s published on such sites, there are several ways to monetize them, from running ads to affiliate programs to commercial content. 

How much does Authority Hacker cost?

Authority Hacker has two courses, each with different pricing. While The Authority Site System costs $599, the Authority Hacker Pro course costs $2,597. 

Is the Authority Site System good?

The Authority Site System is one of the finest courses for learning authority site-building and affiliate marketing. With its Over-The-Shoulders training and 196+ detailed videos, it’s the only course you need.

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