Authority Hacker Discount (2024) | Get 60% OFF

Authority Hacker is currently offering a 60% discount on two primary offerings – The Authority Site System Review and The SEO Penalty Pack.

Since its launch in 2014, Authority Hacker has offered beginner website developers quality guidance and best practices to build an “authority” website for their niches at a premium cost.

With prices at an all-time low, now is the perfect time to purchase the Authority Hacker courses.

Let me show you how much exactly you can save with this deal!

Available Authority Hacker Discounts

As of April 2024, Authority Hacker offers a 60% discount on its well-revered TASS 3.0 course and the brand new SEO penalty pack, here’s how much you can save with the current Authority Hacker Promo:

Authority Hacker CourseStandard PriceDiscounted PriceSavings
The Authority Site System$1499$599$900
The SEO Penalty Pack$2429$999$1430

Note: Access to these discounts is subject to availability upon claiming. Grab the deals as early as you can.

How To Get The Authority Hacker 60% Discount

Step 1: To get started with claiming your Authority Hacker discount, visit this link and click on “Join the Authority Site System.” 
As you can see the discount expires within 5 days of visiting the link.

Authority Hacker Discount - Overview

Step 2: Next, fill out the essential details about you to proceed.

Authority Hacker Discount - Fill The Detailes

Step 3: As you scroll below you can see two payment methods to gain access to this course.

Authority Hacker Discount -Scroll Below

Step 4: To get TASS 3.0 for $599 with a 60% discount, you must make a one-time payment of the course fees. Once, selected click on “Next to proceed”.

Authority Hacker Discount -Next To Proceed

Step 5: Finally, select the payment method that you want to proceed with – Credit card or Paypal. 

You can see the discount of $900 directly applied, which you can claim after completing your purchase.

Authority Hacker Discount -Complete Payment

And that’s how you can claim your 60% discount on either of the available Authority Hacker courses. 

Note: You will have to follow the exact same steps in order to claim your discount on the SEO penalty pack by visiting this link.

Does Authority Hacker Offer Black Friday Or Cyber Monday Discounts?

Authority Hacker runs a similar discount during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday period offering a cut of 60% on its TASS 3.0 course. This is a golden opportunity if you can grab this discount while its available now.

The year end Black Friday or Cyber Monday sale period can start anytime within the month of November in 2024. But why wait till then? 

Authority Hacker – Offerings

The current 60% off on this masterclass on affiliate marketing offers much more than just massive discounts. Even without a discount, the courses are well worth the price tags.

Here’s all you can get with the listed courses that offer a 60% discount.

  1. The Authority Site System (TASS 3.0)

This is a beginner’s guide to building a first website. The instructors teach you the basics of affiliate marketing and then move on to advanced techniques for building a successful affiliate revenue-generating website.

The Authority Site System

Along with the basics, the course offers hand-held guides for crucial parts like niche selection, link building, content writing, and many other aspects required. 

The TASS 3.0 offers:

  • 196+ video lessons
  • Real -life websites as case studies
  • A site building to-do list
  • Lifetime regular updates as per search engine guidelines
  • An active member of the community
  • Ready to use templates
  • Personalized support
  1. The SEO Penalty Pack

Coming to this new course that was started to focus on reviving existing websites that have somehow lost their traffic with the recent updates. The SEO penalty pack helps users convert their site back into the one that Google loves.

The SEO Penalty Pack

The SEO Penalty Pack offers:

  • Content Audit Blueprint
  • EEAT Blueprint
  • A custom Notion System
  • Custom code templates
  • Regular updates
  • Over-the-shoulder video lessons

Authority Hacker Pricing

The Authority Hacker course prices without a discount start at a price that can be costly. However, the value of the lifetime free updates and add-ons is much more than the course fees.

Authority Hacker Standard PricesPricing
The Authority Site System$1499
The Authority Hacker Pro$2,997
The Authority Hacker Pro Platinum$5,997
The SEO Penalty Pack$2429

Note: The Authority Hacker Pro and the Pro Platinum membership are for experts wanting to enhance the performance of their projects and the access is based on application basis only during select periods. 

Does Authority Hacker Offer A Free Access?

To new users who are unaware of the proficiency of their courses, Authority Hacker offers free training that they register for and get an understanding of the Authority Hacker teaches

Authority Hacker Offer

Follow this link, and enter your name and email address to register for the Authority Hacker’s free training course.

Authority Hacker Refund Policy

The best part about the courses that they offer is that every course comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Authority Hacker Refund Policy

Whenever within the first 30 days you feel like the course is not what you are looking for, you can drop an email at to get a full refund on your purchase. 

Read the Authority Hacker refund policy to know more. 

Why Is It Worth Investing In The Authority Hacker?

Apart from the price benefits that you can enjoy, the Authority Hacker’s courses have been substantial and a starting point for many successful website developers.

The over-the-shoulder approach and implementation of the tactics taught on actual websites also provide a sense of confidence in their methodology.

Owing to the teachings and methods discussed, beginners have managed to create a profit-churning website and are glad to have invested in the course. Having helped over 14,000 members from 120 countries, students speak highly of the courses offered.

Bottomline: Get 60% Off On Authority Hacker Courses

With savings higher than the price paid for the courses, this Authority Hacker discount offered is practically a steal.

Make sure to grab this deal as soon as you can as the offer is valid for up to 5 days upon registering for the discount. The best part is that you can claim the 30-day money-back guarantee should you dislike the courses.

These special discounts, usually offered during special occasions such as Black Friday or Cyber Monday, are the best discounts you can get on Authority Hacker!

Don’t miss the bus and get this exclusive 60% Authority Hacker discount today!


Does The Authority Hacker Pro offer any discounts?

The subscription to the Authority Hacker Pro course is $2,997, and it does not offer any discounts on its standard price.

What is the Authority Hacker PRO Platinum?

The Pro Platinum is a special membership offered at $5,997. It includes top-tier experts and exclusive access to training and discussions across platforms. 

Which is the best affiliate marketing course?

The Authority Site System 3.0 is considered the best affiliate marketing course for beginners to learn the correct way to build an authority website.

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