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The Authority Hacker subreddit, located at r/AuthorityHacker, is a community of individuals interested in the Authority Hacker brand and its courses. 

This subreddit serves as a platform for users to discuss, share insights, and seek advice related to the Authority Hacker’s offerings.

But apart from this subreddit, other popular threads like r/SEO and r/juststart share insightful perspectives on this popular affiliate marketing course.

Let’s check out these threads!

Authority Hacker Reddit – Subreddit

The r/AuthorityHacker subreddit covers a range of topics, including:

  • Sharing of personal experiences, successes, and challenges faced by users who have taken the Authority Hacker courses
  • A space for community members to interact with each other

The subreddit serves as a valuable resource for individuals interested in learning more about the Authority Hacker brand and its impact on users’ online businesses.

However, as of June 2024, the thread was not active, and the last post there was over a year ago. Hence, we must look at more credible and popular Authority Hacker reviews on other Reddit threads.

Authority Hacker Reviews on Reddit

The reviews of the Authority Hacker courses on Reddit are mixed, with both positive and negative sentiments expressed by users on “r/SEO” and “r/juststart.” 

It’s important to note that these reviews are personal opinions and may not necessarily reflect the actual quality or effectiveness of the courses.

Authority Hacker Positive Reviews

Here are a couple of positive reviews on the Authority Hacker course and its tutors:

  1. @bselite:

Source: Here

  • Acknowledges that while some “gurus” in the niche site space have been “destroyed” and are “lying about their numbers,” the Authority Hacker team seems to have genuine knowledge and is not trying to sell ineffective tactics.
  • It suggests that the Authority Hacker course is a great starting point for beginners to learn the basics, even though some of the tactics taught may no longer be as effective due to industry changes.
  • Recommends that individuals can potentially find similar knowledge by watching the Authority Hacker’s YouTube videos and doing their own testing rather than investing in the paid courses
  1. @VigilantCMDR:

Source: Here

In a comment on the r/AuthorityHacker subreddit, user VigilantCMDR provided a positive review of the Authority Hacker podcast, stating the following:

  • “The AH podcast is definitely one of the only real, non-BS podcasts out there, especially since it’s free and regularly updated with actual good information.”
  • VigilantCMDR goes on to share how the podcast content helped them scale their own website to $1,000 per month, even as a brand-new beginner. They affirm that the Authority Hacker team “knows what they’re talking about.”

Authority Hacker Negative Reviews

Just as the course is praised for being good, some people find it unworthy and rate it low. 

  1. @seomonstar:

Source: Here

  • Suggests that the Authority Hacker course may be a way for the team to “prop up a lack of money making in affiliate” and serve as a “backup income stream,” which is a fair approach.
  • Acknowledges that the course can provide good knowledge for newcomers and help them bypass a significant amount of trial and error.
  • Mentions that the team’s domain authority is not particularly strong, which could be a potential concern.
  1. @itsacandydishned:

Source: Here

  • Recommends opting for SEMRush/Ahrefs Academy first before considering the Authority Hacker course, as they are perceived as more reputable.
  • Raises a concern about the Authority Hacker course teaching “how to automate content creation,” which may not be considered best practice.

How Credible Are Reddit Threads About Authority Hacker?

It’s important to note that the Reddit threads and reviews about the Authority Hacker courses are personal opinions and may not necessarily reflect the actual quality or effectiveness of the courses. 

The credibility of these reviews can be questioned for the following reasons:

  1. Subjectivity: The reviews on Reddit are subjective and based on individual experiences, which may not be representative of the broader user base or the actual course content.
  2. Lack of Verification: There is no way to verify if the individuals providing reviews are genuine users or if they have a vested interest in the courses or the Authority Hacker brand.
  3. Recency: Some of the reviews mentioned are not recent, and the course content and the Authority Hacker brand may have evolved since those reviews were posted.

Bottomline: Authority Hacker Reviews On Reddit Are Mixed

The reviews of the Authority Hacker courses on Reddit are mixed, with both positive and negative sentiments expressed by users. 

However, the credibility of these reviews is questionable, as they are personal opinions without any way to confirm their authenticity. 

Hence, it is essential to consider a wider range of trusted sources and do thorough research before deciding to invest in Authority Hacker courses. Some credible ways are check reviews or testimonials with actual proof to backup their claims.

Be smart, do not base your decisions on a random Reddit thread, and make sure to trust only trusted sources!

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